All or Nothing

June 24, 2024

If your brain were a sitcom, all-or-nothing thinking would be that over-dramatic character who takes everything to the extreme. And we’ve all played that character at some point and been caught up in the “black and white” cycle, especially when trying to build new habits.
For example, you’ve been diligently practicing Spanish on Duolingo, keeping up a hot streak for 10 solid days. But then, you miss a few days and break your streak (because, you know, life happens). Suddenly, you feel like quitting, canceling your subscription, and waving adiós to your dream of learning a new language. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

February 9, 2024

October 27, 2023

All or Nothing

June 24, 2024

If your brain were a sitcom, all-or-nothing thinking would be that over-dramatic character who takes everything to the extreme. And we’ve all played that character at some point and been caught up in the “black and white” cycle […]

On Speaking Up

June 13, 2024

Do you love the sound of your voice when you speak up — when you speak up against inappropriate behavior, injustice, or simply because you got the wrong order in your local coffee shop? Doesn’t it sound brave and determined? […]

Practical Optimism

May 29, 2024

The book Practical Optimism has been on our radar for some time, but when we started writing this, we realized it was actually inspired by one of the messages you sent to us about the dynamic in your relationship — one partner being an optimist and another a realist.[…]

Goals You Can Control

May 15, 2024

Having big goals can be inspiring, but let’s be real, it can also bring on some serious stress and the constant feeling of not being enough. Way too often, we might feel like we’re not making desired progress in achieving our big goals, which leaves us disappointed and discouraged.[…]

Life Without Goals

May 08, 2024

We’ve been told that successful people have goals, not dreams. We’ve been told to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. And we’ve definitely been told that[…]

Perfect Moment Syndrome

April 30, 2024

In a perfect world, every birthday would be sparkling, every trip exciting and every date night romantic. Hopes are high, expectations even higher[…]

At Leasts and If Onlys

April 16, 2024

We’ve all found ourselves there, haven’t we? Reflecting on past events and pondering how they could have turned out differently. This journey through the realm of “at leasts” and “if onlys” is[…]

The Serendipity Mindset

April 9, 2024

As good ol’ nerds, we want to kick off today’s idea with a definition, the definition of serendipity. Based on the book The Serendipity Mindset, serendipity is[…]

Life Compass

April 2, 2024

There come times in our lives when we feel lost. When we have no idea what we want or who we are. Sounds scary, right? But these moments can become something other than scary[…]


March 22, 2024

“Njuta”(pronounced NYOO-ta) is a delightful verb in Swedish that embodies the art of savoring life’s simple pleasures, indulging in moments of bliss, and relishing the beauty of existence. […]


March 17, 2024

“Someday” is a tricky word. It’s laden with dreams, aspirations, and hopes. But hidden beneath its hopeful surface lies a risk — a risk of missed joy and unfulfilled potential.[…]

March 1, 2024

You are cozied up in your room. A soulful melody is playing through your headphones. It’s filling you up with sadness and melancholy. But hold on for a sec, it’s also sparking a sense of beauty and transcendence. What is that feeling?[…]

February 23, 2024

In her book, Attention Span, Doctor Gloria Mark states that the average screen attention span in 2012 was 75 seconds. Between 2016 and 2020[…]

February 16, 2024

Love is precious, yet it’s surrounded by so much cynicism in a world that emphasizes power, career success and the failure of romantic love.[…]

February 9, 2024

Pause for a second. Whether you are in your bed, in your kitchen, or at your desk, just pause and think about this: who am I at this very moment?[…]

February 2, 2024

The art of socializing — keeping old friends and finding new ones while remembering all their birthdays…[…]

January 19, 2024

Imagine this: you’ve chosen to embark on the exciting journey of learning French. After a few months…[…]

January 12, 2024

We talk about setting boundaries, we talk about protecting our peace, we talk about ditching toxicity…[…]

January 05, 2024

We all love movies or books with great twists, turns and surprises because that’s what makes them…[…]

December 22, 2023

We want happiness. We pursue it, we conquer it, we chase it. But striving for happiness might backfire…[…]

December 8, 2023

What if we told you there were 2 paths in life: the default path and the pathless path, which one would you take?…[…]

December 1, 2023

We often think of progress as achieving a big goal or experiencing a major breakthrough…[…]

November 24, 2023

Once upon a time, when we started to measure our work by the hours we put into it, we began to see time as a currency…[…]

November 17, 2023

In a world that often feels disconnected, the simple act of sharing a meal can be a powerful expression of love, gratitude and camaraderie…[…]

November 10, 2023

Ever noticed how time seems to zoom by the older we get? When we’re kids, everything is fresh and new…[…]

November 10, 2023

We’ve handpicked a selection of books, primarily fiction, that is perfect for your next book club…[…]

October 27, 2023

Opia is a beautiful and obscure word that doesn’t exist in traditional dictionaries, but that encompasses…[…]

October 20, 2023

You’ve likely heard about the tale of the ant and the grasshopper, right? The grasshopper was…[…]

October 13, 2023

While the majority of communication advice focuses on things that come into play once a conversation […]

October 6, 2023

Boredom, often wrongly dubbed as the enemy of joy, plays a significant role in spicing up our lives… […]

September 15, 2023

Information is in everything we do. We constantly consume, collect and manage it. But we also forget it or have no idea… […]

September 08, 2023

In the book “The Courage to be Disliked,” the duo, Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga, invites us to embrace… […]

September 01, 2023

Picture yourself as a character in a video game where you derive your strength from three power sources: […]

August 25, 2023

Every moment you breathe, you’re filming the movie of your life. One scene after another. […]

August 18, 2023

Picture this: you are at a store choosing which shampoo to buy. Floral or ocean fresh? With […]

August 4, 2023

Is it generalists or specialists who achieve more career success? Well, as is often […]

Jul 28, 2023

Gathering is a powerful force that shapes our thoughts, emotions and actions […]

Jul 21, 2023

Let’s debunk the myth of creativity once and for all. Creativity, often perceived as a gift… […]

Jul 14, 2023

Productivity advice can often seem daunting — the constant push to achieve more […]

Jul 07, 2023

The mantra “no regrets” adorns human bodies in ink, graces coffee mugs in bold letters […]

Jun 23, 2023

“If knowledge is power, knowing what we don’t know is wisdom.” […]

Jun 16, 2023

Words have power. They can alter behaviors, trigger action and captivate attention. […]

Recipe for More by Sara Elise - The Boonly book recommendation

Jun 9, 2023

Two things stand out when we talk about busyness: we’ve glorified an “I’m always busy” […]

The Earned Life: Lose Regret, Choose Fulfillment Hardcover - The Boonly book recommendation

Jun 2, 2023

Today, let’s delve into two concepts that have the power to shape your life: ambition and aspiration […]

May 26, 2023

When we don’t trust our guts, we trust pros and cons lists. This go-to process of decision making […]

It is Time to Pull the Plug on these 6 Toxic Positivity Sentences

May 16, 2023

It is Time to Pull the Plug on these 6 Toxic Positivity Sentences What is toxic positivity? What is […]

The Image of the book Start Finishing: How to Go from Idea to Done by Charlie Gilkey, which offers solutions for air sandwich problems.

May 6, 2023

Start Finishing: How to Go from Idea to Done by Charlie Gilkey
You’ve probably experienced working on a passion project […]

April 12, 2023

Creative self-care 101: what it is and how it’ll make your routine not boring? When we think about self-care, […]

April 5, 2023

Why Do You Need to Document Your Life? And How? There are 102 reasons to document your life. Debby […]