Everyone is a Creator

Let’s debunk the myth of creativity once and for all.

Creativity, often perceived as a gift for the talented few, is actually a universal human trait, not some mystical, hard-to-reach thing. It doesn’t require extraordinary skills and it extends far beyond the realm of art. Every day, each of us taps into this innate ability, building our creative muscles in myriad ways.

As Rick Rubin says, “to create is to bring something into existence that wasn’t there before.”

And that “something” can be anything. A new fun activity with friends, a delicious recipe you’ve come up with, a message to your parents after a busy day, a conversation you’ve started with your coworker or a new way to organize stuff in your closet.

You don’t need to showcase it or have others admire it. And more than anything, you don’t need to sell it. The goal of creativity isn’t to create a piece of art. It is the act of creating things and expressing ideas. And that’s what we all do.

To think as a creator, try practicing awareness. Ideas are in constant circulation and they come when the time is right. Your task is to create an open space to let ideas in and notice them. When you listen to a song, look at the sunset or sit by the window, search for clues and connections. Try to look deeply beyond the ordinary and mundane. Use creativity as a gateway to the unseen and undiscovered.

You might not be Picasso, but you’re creating something every day. Right?