We’ve handpicked a selection of books, primarily fiction, that is perfect for your next book club, a “swap a book with a friend” event, or a cozy weekend at home. Our list spans a diverse range of genres, from mystery and romance to history and science fiction.

Dive into a riveting mystery that’s not only enthralling, but also irresistibly humorous from the get-go. Journey alongside Glory Broussard and her daughter Delphine as they courageously venture into an unofficial investigation in a quaint Louisiana town. You’ll find yourself captivated by Glory’s gutsy and straight-shooting persona, a character so compelling, she’s sure to grow on you.

Written by the author of The Big Short, this book digs into the ascension and downfall of the disgraced crypto entrepreneur Sam Bankman-Fried and the financial fantasyland he created.

This book is a heartwarming journey that explores the love story between Harriet and her ex-fiancé, Wyn. It takes you back in time through beautifully crafted flashbacks, letting you experience their relationship, from initial spark to heart-wrenching breakup. But it’s not just a love story, it’s also a celebration of warm and wholesome female friendship among Harriet, Cleo and Sabrina. 

The award-winning author of The Power just released her new book about a group of friends devising a bold plan to protect the world from the grip of tech giants whose unchecked ambition could alter our way of life forever. This tale catapults you into the not-so-distant future, a world pulsating with tension and divide among techno-moguls, survivalists, and the rest of the human race. Where these worlds collide, that’s where the sparks really start to fly! A splendid journey through the world we’ve created and a glimpse into where we may be headed. 

This dystopian novel is an amalgam of food, pleasure, joy and catastrophe. It follows the story of a chef that lives in a world where food is disappearing as smog has spread everywhere. She’s enigmatically recruited for a mountain-top venture striving to revive animals and crops. However, the book’s unique worth lies in boldly showing how it feels to seek pleasure when the world is collapsing.  

In this book, you can witness McBride’s extraordinary ability to balance light and dark, showcasing the best and worst aspects of human nature. Our complex racial and religious history is boldly confronted, yet the narrative remains a beacon of hope and humanity. You’ll get attached to a little community he’s created and all its flawed characters.  

If you want to find out how a friendship between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and civil rights activist Mary McLeod Bethune formed the foundation for the modern civil rights movement, this is a read for you. It’s fascinating how the threats that Eleanor received because of her strong ties to Mary only fueled their desire to fight together for justice and equality.